Assistant Manager Compensation

As an Assistant Manager, we believe in your ongoing growth during your time with our company.
Therefore, we offer four levels of compensation:

  • Bronze, $12.00/hour
  • Silver, $13.00/hour
  • Gold, $14.00/hour
  • Platinum, $15.00/hour

Through your continued development, we will reward you and promote you to the next level. We will also give you the tools to be a successful leader within our organization--this includes training programs, food safety courses, leadership courses, and more!



At SONIC, we've renamed our store managers and instead, call them "Operating Partners". As an Operating Partner, you are considered a partner within our company since you're responsible for a drive-in location!

  • Starting Base Pay: $40,000 Annually
  • Guaranteed Monthly Bonus: 5% of Store's Profit
  • Potential Monthly Bonus: Additional 5% of Store's Profit based on 4 Performance Metrics (1.25% per category)

Average Operating Partner Salary: $62,000 Annually